Re: Sportster Starter Problem

From: HogDoctor (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 22:53:55 CDT

Dan Klunk wrote:

> I have a 1991 Sportster 883 with 62k miles on it. Recently I've had a bit
> of a problem starting it. Sometimes when I push on the starter button,
> nothing happens, no click, no dimming of the lights and the starter motor
> doesn't run. But if I rock the bike a bit while its in gear, then it starts
> right up. I think the starter motor brushes are worn, but I'm not sure.
> Has anyone else ever had this happen to them??
> The maintenance manuel doesn't cover this specific set of circumstances.
> Thanks
> Dan

Try testing for power and ground at the starter relay. If that's good then put
in a new relay.


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