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Really Cool Bikes
1.1949 Harley Davidson FL

9-11-01 NOTE: Size is 2.5MB

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Roadside Diners

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Indian Larry
Great Scott UMF #2
My friend. If you met him, you liked him.
1945 - 2005

Road Captain to the UMF
Pitstop Pete Stippick Great Scott Maliginant HUH Jones Black Joe White Joe
Mack Russell Toby Dudley J. Arlen Mark Renig Ron
San Diego Lou Braxton Big Dave Phil Chambo Cabin Boy Roy Fall Down Bill

Indian Larry
Indian Larry
1949 - 2004

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Pictures / Stories of Past Rides

NewOur troops in Iraq- May 2004
New2004 Hail Storm - The Big Bend Ride- April 2004
2003 Easter Run - March 2003
2002 August Hill Country Run
Year 2002 Easter Run - March 2002
Jimmy, Braxton and their friends
Old Route 66 - Charlie, Terry, Jennifer and Wolfmedicine take the historic ride West.
Bikers Go Western - Easter 2001
Livingston Ride - Saturday, March 24th 2001
Dave's Flat tire
Year 2001 Easter Run - April 2001
Jimmy, Braxton and their friends
NW San Jac High Rollers Toy Run - December 3, 2000
1000 bikes in spite of the cold. :)
Dave Bayles and Friends - Dave Bayles and Friends
Year 1999 Easter Run - Date: Easter Weekend,1999
2 days of muck + 2 days of perfection=4 days of perfection
Frosty's Somerville Ride - Date: April 18,1999
This day ride was just about as good as it gets. We had a 17 bike turnout and rode 200 miles on a perfect day.
Esther and Jimmy's Wedding - May 1999
Those of us who have spent more than 5 minutes in the company of these two know that they are special people.
Sturgis 1999
Sturgis Black Hills Rally
Doug Hall, Dave Aldridge and Valerie Burson


First Road Trip George Mc Daniel - 1200 Sportster
NewRiding in the Rain Frosty
Safety Mild Bill
Pack Riding Mild Bill
A GOOD Dealer Story... Charles A. Quist
Ideas for playing Road "WARRIOR" Captain Braxton Ladner
Riding Etiquette Bill Golightly and Wayne Fernandez
Rider Down and a Sick Harley Dealership Dave Aldridge
Complaint to Harley-Davidson regarding Jones Harley-Davidson Bob Bindon
Technical FAQ maintained by Dave Aldridge
Deer Whistles - Do they work? San Diego Motorcyclists